Home Gym Make-Over: The Grand Reveal

So remodeling the gym wasn’t in our plans for a long time, but as these things go sometimes, we found ourselves with armfuls of flooring and before you know it we were transforming this room.

The room before was OK, white walls that were non-offensive, flooring that was neutral but so busy it made your eyes hurt! And the ceiling spotlights made the ceiling feel lower than it already was. The room felt cold and uninviting, and quite honestly I didn’t like spending any time down there – and no, not just because it’s a gym!


Now the room is much warmer and more inviting, and has a bit of personality to it.


I used a warm tone of neutral paint to really add some warmth to the room, as before the white made it feel cold and stark. I used Spanish Sand by Behr. And the light colored wood-look flooring we chose was from the Home Depot and is a hard-wearing vinyl plank to sustain any heavy weights that may drop on it.


The gym needed some storage so we bought this Kallax storage unit from IKEA in turquoise-grey. The color of this unit actually inspired the whole design for this room. I loved the vibrant yet muted tone.


For the accent walls I used Oarsman Blue by Behr. A slightly different blue than the storage unit, as I didn’t want the design to look 2 dimensional with just 2 colors.


So I also bought this rug from IKEA, the Stillebak rug at $39.99, which perfectly tied together the turquoise-grey of the storage unit and the blue of the accent walls. And the wall decal designed to give us that bit of inspiration as we’re flagging during a hard workout. I bought this one off Etsy, there are loads of options for you to find the quote that most inspires you.


To tie the design together that bit more, and to make the cream wall look less stark, I painted a custom canvas using the same blue as the accent walls, and a turquoise-grey which I color-matched with the storage unit. The lighter blue I made by mixing a bit of the Oarsman Blue with white paint. I used a similar design to the IKEA rug, again to tie it all together.

The end result

I’m really pleased with how it turned out, in fact it looked exactly as I had intended. Maybe all this planning is paying off after all? To read about how I planned it before ever lifting a paint brush check out my next blog.

As always, I hoped you enjoyed the blog. If you liked what you read, click below to follow me and share it with your friends. I’d also love to hear how your home gym make-overs have gone. You can comment below.

Until next time,



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