How I Planned Our Home Gym Make-Over

I’ve definitely learned from my Interior Design diploma, that a good design starts with thorough planning. The home gym make-over was no exception.

I first started by measuring all the dimensions in the room so I could accurately map out a 2D and 3D plan. I also took note of what I liked about the room currently and what I disliked.


The room felt cold and stark because of the white walls and off-white sheet vinyl floor. The spotlights made the low ceiling feel lower. However I did like the huge mirror wall on the back wall, this was perfect for a gym and for yoga.


Next I tried to think about how we would use the room.We wanted two treadmills with a TV, because we both like to workout at the same time (and a TV keeps our minds off the workout!) We wanted a frame for pull-ups and banded work, and I really wanted a quiet comfortable space to do yoga. We also needed some form of storage to store all our equipment.

I started mapping it all out using a 3D design tool. I like to use either Floorplanner or Planner 5D to do my designs. They’re both reasonably priced, have plenty of stock furniture choices, and with Planner 5D you can even change the color of the furniture to what you want.5f77a2ca498ad8ef0d332d4a4bdd19e3503ca285

Luckily everything we wanted to use the room for fitted perfectly. With the frame nicely tucked away in the corner, and a mini yoga studio in front of the mirror wall. I zoned the space for the yoga studio, so it didn’t feel like part of the bigger room, by painting a blue accent stripe, and following that color through with the rug and the storage unit on the opposite side. This created the illusion of a separate zoned area which was different to the rest of the gym.


I decided to add accents of red to the room to really make it ‘pop’. It’s a contrasting color to the blues, and something that we had dotted around the room anyway through the equipment we have.

I kept the flooring light to keep the room bright, being that it is in a basement and only has one small egress window for lighting. However I made the walls slightly darker than what they were using a soft cream to make the room feel cozier and warmer.

The new can spotlights on a dimmer made the ceilings feel taller and added controllable lighting adding to the function of the room, as both a workout space, and relaxing yoga studio.

The addition of a picture ledge at the bottom of the accent stripe means I can rest my tablet on there and be at the right height to follow my yoga videos.

And of course no gym is complete without an inspirational quote or two! To read how to apply them read my next blog. Or to see the full before and after photos read my blog here on the grand reveal.


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