How to create a rustic table centerpiece in 6 easy steps

I wanted a rustic centerpiece for my dining table, similar to this one here from Lenny and Jenny Designs on Etsy.

Photo courtesy of Lenny and Jenny Designs, Etsy

The problem is, my table is over 8 foot long, and it’s very hard to find a box planter that size. I also wanted a white one to contrast against the weathered elm tabletop, so it stood out more. So we decided to make our own…




6 Steps to Make Your Own Rustic Box Centerpiece:

  1. First you’ll need to buy some wood. We used rough-sawn timber from Home Depot to ensure it had more of the rustic look we were wanting.
  2. We cut the wood to size. You can make these box planters any size you like, ours was just under 8 feet.
  3. We then painted the wood in white paint, roughly.
  4. Next we screwed all the pieces together to form the box shape. We left the screws exposed to give a more rustic feel. Tip: When screwing the pieces together do this on a hard flat surface to ensure all the angles are perfectly 90 degrees.
  5. Then we sanded the edges and the face of the wood to give it that well-worn feel. Because the timber was rough-sawn, the sanding gave a lovely effect as it revealed the wood grain underneath.
  6. Finally we added some rope handles to add another element of rustic charm. To do this we drilled two holes at either end of the planter then threaded some rope through the holes and tied a knot at each end to secure it in place.

I then filled the box centerpiece with an assortment of berries and Christmas greenery and added mason jars with candles in and scattered fairy lights throughout to give some extra twinkle.

You can switch up the contents for whatever season it is. Hydrangeas would look equally nice in a spring / summer display. Or fill it with acorns and pine cones and Fall colors for a Fall-themed display. You can really be as creative as you like!

Ready-Made Options:

However if you’d rather buy one ready-made there are lots of options on Etsy, here are some of my favourites:

Lenny and Jenny Designs, Etsy

Red Oak Road, Etsy

Limb and Lime Co, Etsy

Recycled 2 Rustic, Etsy

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How to create a Fall themed table

Fall (or Autumn as it’s known in my home country) is one of my favorite times of the year. Although I love Summer and enjoying the weather and being outdoors, I probably prefer the winter, with the snow, log fires, warming food and cozy-ness. So for me Fall reminds me that in a few week’s time I’ll be able to enjoy these things again, especially here in Minnesota.

As you’ve probably gathered I love being creative, and quite frankly I’m running out of rooms in my house to re-decorate! So each season I’ve started to decorate our dining table with a different seasonal theme. This one is my Fall themed table…


I’ve used lots of warm colors such as burnt oranges, olive greens and browns. Yet to keep it looking fresh and bright, I’ve also kept a bit of off-white in there too.


I’ve used lots of berries and natural elements such as pine cones, acorns and of course pumpkins! I also love to use Pheasant feathers. They remind me of the English countryside. Pheasants are seen so often in old country houses in paintings or taxidermy in old hunting lodges. That to me they typify all that is English Country style.


Since moving to the U.S. I’ve found so many great craft stores with an abundance of things to chose from (thanks to my fellow country-style-loving friend’s recommendation!) I’d recommend Hobby Lobby (Hobby Lobby) and Michael’s (Michaels), which is where most of this came from. They have a great selection at reasonable prices to make your home feel more homely.


These glass urns were bought from Hobby Lobby (Hobby Lobby), then I filled them with some decorative sand, some cinnamon sticks for a beautiful Fall fragrance, pine cones, acorns and a battery operated wax candle. With all the wood elements and the lid, a battery operated candle is probably safer!


The teapot is an antique from England – one we used at our wedding – but you can find them in any good antique store. They make beautiful centerpieces for your table with just a few flowers and berries in, and not forgetting the pheasant feathers!

That’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll be working on my Winter table shortly. Only 92 days till Christmas!