The design process

I follow a 4 step design process when working with you to create a space you’ll love.

  1. Consultation
  2. Ideation
  3. Refinement
  4. Implementation

1. Consultation:

During the consultation phase I work with you to understand your hopes, your dreams, your style and how you like to live. You’ll answer a questionnaire about these things, and we’ll review the room(s) to be designed. I’ll take measurements, or plans if you have them, and some initial reference photos of the room(s). You’ll share photos of ideas that you love and explain what it is you love about them.

2. Ideation:

Once I have a good idea about your style, I’ll start to put together moodboards. These are rough outlines of types of materials, styles and colors. They’re not intended to be the finished design, more a directional view of where you’d like to go. I’ll put together three moodboards all differing in style or color etc to determine which direction you want to go in. It’s my belief that none of us have one pure style type, so seeing slight variations on your favorite style can help get you closer to a perfect match.

Example of a moodboard

3. Refinement:

The refinement stage is where you tell me what you love or don’t love about the moodboards, and I’ll refine them to one hybrid moodboard unique to your style. Once you’re happy with the final moodboard, I’ll start to work on a finish schedule. This is a list of items that are needed to complete the look, a shopping list if you will! It’ll include details of sizes, colors, where to buy and prices. Allowing you to shop for your perfect look.

Example of a finish schedule

4. Implementation:

Once all the items have arrived, and any building or decorating work has been completed, I come armed with accessories to help put the finishing touches to the room!

Now you can sit back, relax and enjoy your new room.

To inquire about availability and prices please contact me.